What Does Your Favorite Type of Bacon Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite type of bacon says about? Well, look no further. The Baconeers have come up with a scarily accurate list that is way more telling than your horoscope could ever be.

Maple bacon

You’re Canadian. The maple flavor reminds you of Saturday mornings in your childhood home – an igloo. Don’t forget to share with your moose, eh?


Reduced sodium

We’re guessing you just got back from the CrossFit box or running a marathon and you’re reading this while blending a protein shake. You are super fit and health conscious and you know this is the best way to fit bacon into your training diet.



Did you like bacon before it was cool? Yeah, we know. Only a true hipster would be dedicated enough to buy bacon at its purest point.


Hardwood smoked

You probably raised and cooked the pig by yourself. Most likely with your bare hands, too. The tough manly man doesn’t just eat bacon, he eats hardwood-smoked bacon off of the ax he built his house with.


Applewood smoked

If applewood smoked bacon is your go-to, you are the classic all-American bacon eater. You think of bacon as another word for freedom and you celebrate that right everyday. For that, the Baconeers salute you.


Hickory smoked

You appreciate bacon for what it is. You’re easy going and know that bacon doesn’t need any frills to be the best food on earth. That melodic sizzle takes you to your happy place: a plate piled high with delicious, hickory smoked bacon.



You spend a lot of time doing yoga and collecting reusable bags for when you buy local goats milk soap at the farmers market. It’s important to you that your bacon is fresh and natural. We’re not judging, but you’ve probably been called a health freak a few times.

Microwave ready

You’re a regular working gal. You spend most of your time on the bus, in the office, or watching Veep. Why would you waste time using the stove? It’s your bacon and you want it now.


Thick cut

You eat bacon in your Escalade wearing a fur coat and a huge gold chain. Thick cut bacon is the breakfast food of ballers. You’re basically the legend of the bacon world.


Canadian Bacon

You’re wrong. You’re just wrong. Leave.



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