Top 10 Bacon Products to Try Before You Die

We know that bacon makes everything better. Here are 10 products that prove bacon isn’t just food… it’s a lifestyle.

1. Bacon Wrapped Flask:

A sneaky way to carry your booze around – a not so sneaky way to display your love for bacon.


2. Bacon Soda:

Who said bacon and carbonation don’t go well together? That’s right, no one.


3. Bacon Body Wash:

If simply eating bacon isn’t enough for you, now you can smell like bacon 24/7. Shower yourself in that heavenly salty scent all day long.


4. Bacon Lollipop:

How many licks to the center of a bacon-flavored lollipop? I don’t know, just give me my bacon-flavored lollipop.


5. Bacon Candy Cane:

The holidays are a special time of year… to celebrate your love of bacon for all to see. Deck out your Christmas tree with these bacon beauties.


6. Hormel’s Microwave-Ready Bacon:

When you want bacon on demand or don’t have a frying pan on hand, this microwave-ready bacon from Hormel will save the day and satisfy your cravings.


7. Bacon Salt:

Everybody knows the five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and bacon. Now you can combine the salty and the bacon with these deliciously savory salt shakers. Your eggs will never know what hit them.

8. Bacon Frosting:

Nothing says Happy Birthday like a tube of Bacon frosting. Alright, maybe some other things say it better but if you’re anything like me, you want your birthday cake smothered in those lovable crispy strips.


9. Bacon Lip Balm:

So you never have to go a second without tasting bacon on your lips.


10. Ron Swanson Bacon Necklace:

No explanation needed. Just give me all the bacon and eggs you have.


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