Three Foods Made Better Wrapped In Bacon

Bacon can be used in so many—perhaps infinite—ways. You can season a dish with its bits, fry in its fat, or layer it in to any recipe. However, sometimes the simplest way to take a food from okay to a-mazing is to wrap it in bacon deliciousness.Whether it’s cheese, tenders, or meatballs, just wrap it in bacon. It’s as simple as that.

1.  Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sticks:

Picture this—gooey, stretchy, melted cheese. It’s almost perfect just like that. They key is “almost.” Wrap it in bacon = perfection.

2.  Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders:

Don’t let your chicken just taste like chicken. Make Bacon Wrapped Chicken that also tastes like bacon!

3.  Cheese Bacon Meatball Bomb:

If made right, these might actually explode in your mouth, so take precaution. This meat loving recipe combines everything you love wrapped in tasty, savory bacon. You would do your friends no wrong serving these.

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