The Next Great Bacon Innovation

Of all the ways to cook bacon, many believe that the microwave is the worst. It’s quick, yes, but  it can often leave your bacon soggy, less flavorful, or just downright sad.However, all that may be about to change.This week, food packaging innovator, Sirane, launched a new microwavable pack, designed to perfectly crisp your bacon in just minutes. The product can be sold as a sealed pack with a particular brand, or individually so you can add you own preferred bacon at home.

Crispy, perfect bacon done in minutes is the dream. Think of the possibilities. There would be literally no reason to pass on the pork. Bring on the bacon!

We’ll be keeping you in the loop on this one. These new microwave packs could be the biggest thing since the invention of thin-sliced pork belly. All you have do is press the START button.

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