The Different Cuts of a Pig

It’s almost time to fire up the grill. In anticipation for this summer, the Baconeers are providing you with a little bacon news and inspiration, all bacon-rolled into one.

You all love bacon. You all know that it comes from pigs. But just how much do you know about the different cuts of pork? Our pork farmers have it down to a pretty solid system that puts almost every piece to good use.

Our personal favorite is the pork belly (where bacon comes from) but the other cuts matter, too. (They just matter a little less.) Here are the other cuts and why you should know about them. Warning: the following photos may cause intense drooling.



Ham comes from the lower part of the pig shoulder. It’s a relatively tough and fatty cut.

Pork Loin:

Pork Loin comes from the back. It’s typically large, lean, and tender.

Baby Back Ribs:

They also come off of the back. They are very tender, very delicious, and not made for sharing with any of your friends.

Pork Belly: Bacon.

Pork Chops:

Pork Chops are both lean and meaty, and are usually cut from the loin.

There are tons more, but those are the classics. The important thing to note is how much meat is drawn from a single pig. Pig farmers have been working for years to try to make their product more sustainable, while making sure they have enough product so that it’s available to everyone who wants it.

When we think about how much food we throw out, it saddens us to think that the farmers’ hard work might be going to waste. That’s why we never waste bacon. Why would you throw away happiness?

Click to check out the full list of cuts, courtesy of The Modern Farmer.

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