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#Baconable Ice Cream

Baconeers! I am here to offer you some food for thought to savor on into the weekend. I am a firm believer that everything is better with bacon. Chewy, crispy, fried or baked, I don’t discriminate. I like to add bacon to pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I’ll let you in…

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Bacon Apple Pie

There’s nothing as American as apple pie, but bacon is America’s favorite food group. So, we’re following The Loveless Cafe’s lead and putting the two together for an all-American worthy celebration of the Fourth of July next week. So, ditch the pie top and pick up an extra pound of bacon for this salty-sweet Bacon…

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Bacon Weave Choco Tacos

We can always count on Dude Foods for creating outrageously delicious food. These Bacon Weave Choco Tacos are no exception. The savory bacon shell perfectly holds the cold ice cream and balances the sweet chocolate for a treat like no other. In other words, it’s a chocolate, ice cream, and bacon masterpiece: INGREDIENTS Bacon Weave…

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Maple Chocolate Bacon Skewers

It’s official. We’ve died and gone to bacon heaven. Chocolaty, crispy, smoky bacon heaven to be exact. These maple chocolate bacon skewers are crunchy, salty, sweet, and greasy—which is why we also like to refer to them as happiness on a stick. The already-holy combination of bacon and maple syrup has been made even holier…

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