Scratch and Sniff Your Way to 20 Years of Free Bacon

Cue the “Bringin’ Home The Bacon” jokes.


The Indiana State Lottery just released a new scratch and sniff sticker with a grand prize even we can’t top: up to four lucky winners can win 20 years of free bacon.


We repeat: 20. Years. Of. Free. Bacon.


The fine print allows up to $250 worth of bacon per year, which translates to around 40 pounds annually. Not a true unlimited supply. We can finish that in about a month. But, still.


This, the finest of offers, is made possible by our friends at the Indiana Pork Board. They enlisted the help of a local Indiana pork supplier, McFarling Foods.


Now go buy their lottery tickets. And if you win, share some bacon with us.


See more on the story here.


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