Scratch and Sniff Your Way to 20 Years of Free Bacon

Cue the “Bringin’ Home The Bacon” jokes.


The Indiana State Lottery just released a new scratch and sniff sticker with a grand prize even we can’t top: up to four lucky winners can win 20 years of free bacon.


We repeat: 20. Years. Of. Free. Bacon.


The fine print allows up to $250 worth of bacon per year, which translates to around 40 pounds annually. Not a true unlimited supply. We can finish that in about a month. But, still.


This, the finest of offers, is made possible by our friends at the Indiana Pork Board. They enlisted the help of a local Indiana pork supplier, McFarling Foods.


Now go buy their lottery tickets. And if you win, share some bacon with us.


See more on the story here.


  1. It would be a great day for some FREE bacon!! Bacon is good to me!

    • Thomas lee Newell

      As I’m cooking the bacon I never have enough when I get ready to sit at the table to eat. I LOVE BACON !!!!!!

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