How to Salvage Burnt Bacon

It’s almost unthinkable. It’s worse than pulling off a band-aid but, sadly, it does happen. Sometimes (and, of course, through no fault of anybody except maybe vegetarians), our beloved bacon gets burnt. Life seems bleak in that moment, as if there’s no coming back to crispy paradise. But there is hope, friends. And we’re here to show you why. Check out these four ways to salvage burnt bacon and give life to new food through your loss:

Put it in a salad

Yes, we know… salad… But adding your demolished bacon can redeem both at the same time. Plus, you can tell people that you don’t always just eat bacon and that you had salad that one time.

Use it as a filling

There’s no reason you can’t use burnt bacon to fill dumplings, cupcakes, burritos, and almost anything you can think of. No one will know and don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone it was burnt if you share it with us.

Put it in a cauliflower faux-tatoes

What are cauliflower faux-tatoes? Well, it turns out they are extremely similar to mashed potatoes. So much so that most people don’t realize the difference. (Incidentally, if you haven’t tried mashed potatoes with bacon bits you are living in a dark, dark world.) So try some bacon cauliflower faux-tatoes and impress everyone around you with how healthy you are.

Top a baked potato

Speaking of potatoes… who doesn’t love a good baked potato? With such a boundless selection of toppings, you can mix in your burnt bacon and watch as the charcoaled remains of your beautiful soulmate are transformed into the anchor for your next delicious meal.

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  1. June 28, 2018 @ 2:21 pm Rookwood

    How to salvage burnt bacon

    Make Fried (or fresh) Rice – Crush burnt bacon using mortar and pestle into tiny bits. You can use a small bowl inside a larger bowl if you don’t have a mortar and pestle. Mix burnt bacon bits in cooked rice with your favorite fried rice ingredients (egg, onion, bell pepper etc.). Don’t season the rice since the burnt bacon will add a ton of salt and flavor.


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