Red, White, and Bacon

The Fourth of July. Of course, America’s favorite holiday – a day dedicated to eating, drinking, barbecuing, and more eating. And when you add bacon to those festivities, it gets even better. We promise.

So, how are you celebrating this Independence Day? Whether you’re at the lake having a picnic, barbecuing in the backyard, or simply staying indoors, the Baconeers are here to help.  When have we ever let you down?  We have suggestions for everyone on how to make this Fourth of July the best one yet. 

First off, décor.

Let’s ditch the basic red, white, and blue decorations this year and sizzle it up with some red, white, and bacon.  We’ve picked out a few cheap buys to get you started:


  • Bacon BouquetA nice bacon bouquet speaks for itself. Our advice is to make a few extra though… someone may not be able to resist.




  • Bacon FloatYou need this sizzling bacon float decorating your pool. While waiting for the grill to heat up, you might as well sizzle in the sun on a bacon strip.




  • Bacon BalloonsIt’s not a party without balloons. Sorry, make that bacon balloons.




  • Bacon PlaqueAnd your finishing touch: a bacon plaque to remind everyone of the unspoken rule.



Next, the appetizers.

Let’s heat up the grill. We’ve got some great apps to start your July 4th.


  • Cheesy Bacon Ranch DipThe all-American chips and dip because who doesn’t love a good cheesy bacon ranch dip?




  • Cheesy Bacon Oven ChipsWe’re skipping out on the loaded potato and going straight to these easy-to-eat oven chips with cheesy bacon.




  • Bacon Gouda Stuffed PeppersOkay, we should use at least one vegetable. Don’t worry, we’ll stuff it with your favorite: cheese and bacon.




  • Bacon Fried Mozzarella SticksWe don’t have enough bacon or cheese on the table yet. And after these, you’ll never want to eat a normal mozzarella stick again.



Third, the centerpiece.

Our motto: go big or go home. We found an awesome centerpiece that’s part appetizer, part décor, and all-American bacon. Free life lesson: always go big with bacon.

Bacon and Cheese Flag Platter: There’s really no better way to celebrate our nation’s birthday and your love for pork at the same time.


And now, the main dish.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, your main dish is about to be the talk of the town (and the easiest thing you’ve ever made). Drum roll, please.

Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Hot DogWe’re definitely not skimping out this Fourth of July. These grilled weenies are the perfect main dish to have you sparkling with American pride for at least the rest of your life.


And if it so happens you’re not that into bacon-wrapped hot dogs (unlikely), don’t worry. Here’s a quick three-step bacon cheeseburger recipe we whipped up for you:


  • Add bun, patty, cheese, bacon, and extra bacon.
  • Take away the bun, patty, and cheese.
  • That’s it.



Finish it off with bacon cocktails.

We saved the best for last. We know what our Baconeers really want: classic cocktails with a bacon twist.


  • Bloody Mary: Celebrate your freedom with a Bloody Mary and a side of bacon.



  • Sea Breeze: Consider using the “bakon” vodka for this refreshing creation. There’s nothing like drinking bacon.



  • Old Fashioned: For the Don Draper in all of us.



  • Bacon-Infused Bourbon: Dads, you’ll appreciate this one; the perfect drink for grilling those weenies.


Now, imagine sipping on these babies while munching on the cheesy bacon oven chips… heavenly. Here’s another thought: just put a couple strips of bacon directly into your drink. Even better. And for you extra booze and bacon aficionados, don’t say we never did anything for you.

Keep that extra bacon on standby and go hog-wild this Fourth of July. No matter your plans for this weekend, we’ve prepared you well with hot decorations, tasty appetizers, porky entrees hot off the grill, refreshing drink options, and the festivity of red, white, and bacon. Happy Independence Day, Baconeers!

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