5 Reasons Why Bacon Is Your One True Love

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart…

Happy Valentine’s Day my fellow Baconeers! I will be spending my evening getting ready for my hot date with… you guessed it… bacon.  Here are 5 reasons why bacon is my one true love (and should be yours too):

bacon hearts

  1. Bacon won’t ever let you down!  Stand you up for a date? Never! Forget your anniversary? Not in a million years.  Bacon’s got your back.
  2. You’ll never be alone when you’re eating a heaping, freshly-grilled plate o’ bacon.  Bacon will never desert you… but it may dessert you (see what I did there?) — bacon ice cream, maple-bacon doughnuts, chocolate-covered bacon… the possibilities are endless!
  3. It is physically impossible to get in a fight with bacon… because bacon is physically incapable of doing anything wrong.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that bacon may be the only thing that’s right.
  4. Bacon can always make me laugh — after a long hard day at the office (who am I kidding? Working at B.E.R.N. makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop… a bacon candy shop… I digress…) I know I can always count on bacon to brighten my day with a crispy piece of bacon hilarity.
  5. Bacon will always love you.  As Whitney Houston once sang so eloquently: “And baconnnnnn willlllll alwayyysss looooooove youuuuuuuu!”  Listen to my good friend Whitney.

Hope all you bacon fanatics have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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