More Bacon Life Hacks

Sarah is back at it again! This time she shares some of her personal bacon life hacks that are…creative to say the least. What are you doing with bacon? Share you life hacks with us!  

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Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave McGuire makes up the second half of BERN’s senior research team. Be it bacon varieties, preparation practices or regional delicacies, Dr. Dave knows his pork.  

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Dr. Mike

Meet Dr. Mike Cordoza PhD, co-senior researcher here at BERN. PhD stands for Pig and Hog Doctor in case you were wondering. Dr. Mike is really into his job, perhaps a little too into his job. But hey, you can’t help what the heart wants.  

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Bacon Theft At BERN!

The BERN bacon supply is getting way too low for comfort. Someone has taken’ all of the bacon! Who could the pork-petrator be? Tune in and find out.  

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History of BERN

Here at the BERN lab (Baconeering Experimentation and Research Nexus), we apply tasty bacon to the skillet of knowledge. We understand that bacon is so much more than mere food…it’s a lifestyle. Tune in for the latest BERN lab exploits, ba-contests (free bacon stuff!) and tons of bacon bits of news. Don’t wait, before the…

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Sarah the Intern

Meet our newest intern Sarah as she reports on the latest happenings at BERN! Sorry folks, this gal is taken by bacon. Follow Sarah and the entire team as they share some serious food for thought.  

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