Bacon Brackets are here!

March Madness is Here! And the Baconeers have a tournament worth bracketing too. We all know that bacon burgers are the only burger. Our Bacon Burger Bracket is designed to ease your food decision–you may know what to eat, but this bracket will tell you where to eat. Enough X’s and O’s. Check out these…

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Scratch and Sniff Your Way to 20 Years of Free Bacon

Cue the “Bringin’ Home The Bacon” jokes. The Indiana State Lottery just released a new scratch and sniff sticker with a grand prize even we can’t top: up to four lucky winners can win 20 years of free bacon. We repeat: 20. Years. Of. Free. Bacon. The fine print allows up to $250 worth of…

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Bacon of the Month Sweepstakes!

Calling all connoisseurs, consumers, and carnivores of this great Bacon-Nation: You asked and we listened. The Baconeers are giving bacon lovers what they really desire: FREE BACON!  Have you ever heard two words so sweet?  To show our appreciation for all you beautiful bacon-loving people, we are giving away a Three-Month supply of bacon goodness…

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