Maple-Bacon Gelatin Shooters

Baconeers, they say a nice Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with steak. Pinot Noir enhances the taste of salmon. But this is game day. Which alcoholic beverage really compliments the sweet, smoky aroma of wings and sliders? That’s easy: gelatin shots! With the addition of sweet & savory maple-smoked bacon, this novel take on a legendary…

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Bacon Bloody Mary

Baconeers, We’re all busy people. It’s hard to find time to enjoy both a delicious BLT and a refreshing Bloody Mary. If only there were a way to make these scrumptious treats more efficient. Wait a second, we know how–swap out the lettuce for vodka! It leaves more food for your food anyway. Since bacon…

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Bacon Cocktails…For Breakfast?

Hello my beautiful MVBs (Most Valuable Baconeers)! Everyone knows that bacon and eggs is the world’s most perfect breakfast… but how about the world’s most perfect drink? I stumbled upon this Eggs and Bacon cocktail served at FIG in Santa Monica, California and knew I had to share it with you. Now, I’m not recommending this be…

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It’s Thirsty Thursday, and there is no better way to wrap up your week than with Bacon. Flipping through the pages of the latest copy of People Magazine, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a glorious glass of bacon-infused spirits. In a new cookbook titled Bacon 24/7: Recipes for Curing, Smoking…

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