BNN: Jams, Bars, & Road Hogs

Catch up on the latest and greatest in the always-crispy world of bacon:

  1. A runaway pig caused a slight holdup on a busy street not long ago. Good news, though: this “road hog” is safe and sound, reunited with his farmer.

  1. The now-famous Bacon Bar in Nevada is looking forward to celebrating its 5-year anniversary this fall. Its menu is full of… you guessed it – delicious, crispy bacon. We made our reservations yesterday.


  1. Are you a bacon fanatic? (Yes.) Do you want bacon on everything? (YES.) Is there such thing as too much bacon? (Please.) Well, this bacon jam lets you spread a little bit of crispy heaven wherever and whenever you want.

(IMAGE: TBJ Gourmet)

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