BNN: Inns, Feasts, and Princes

For your crispy reading pleasure, catch up on the latest and greatest in the wide world of the Bacon News Network:

  1. Although mom always told us not to play with our food, we love getting creative with bacon. These restaurant owners in Wisconsin get an A+ in our book for combining bacon and the outdoors with Outside Inn with Bacon.

  1. Bacon prices have fluctuated recently, and Bloomberg has the latest news from the USDA’s cold storage report. The holiday season is here, and it may be time to give the gift of bacon.

  1. Another reason why bacon is the best food of all time: everyone loves it! (Well, everyone except vegans but who cares about them?) And everyone has a favorite way of preparing this succulent snack; just ask the 8-year old version of Prince Harry who was dishing out cooking lessons to professional chefs.

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