Bacon’s Latest Foray into Virtual Reality is Long Overdue

This world is not enough for bacon.

Not long ago, Hormel revealed an entirely new way to enjoy your bacon: in virtual reality. By visiting Hormel’s Black Label Bacon site with a Google cardboard or other mobile-ready virtual glasses, you can step into one of four bacon-centric worlds: Salty Sea, The Vastness of Variety, Jalapeno Volcano, or Cherry Woods.
Each world is unique to its name and its flavor of bacon. The Salty Sea, for example, puts you underwater amidst a ship wreckage and your goal is to navigate to the sunken treasure – a piece of original, thick-cut Black Label bacon. Finding the treasure qualifies you for a 20% discount on that product. Count us in, because 20% off bacon is basically like 110% of happiness combined with an all-expenses-paid trip to Mars (where they will undoubtedly soon have bacon, too).
We all know one of bacon’s best qualities is its smell; it’s just not the same without it. Fortunately, Hormel is also giving away a limited number of Google Cardboard headsets that come with a bacon scratch-and-sniff sticker, allowing you to enjoy bacon with almost all your senses at once. It’s a truly magical moment.
This isn’t some totally new thing for Hormel; they’ve been running creative experiments with bacon for a while. In 2014, Hormel teamed up with Bio-Blends Fuels and created a motorcycle that runs on bacon grease. ?  It ?  Runs ?  On ?  Bacon ?  Grease ? . Needless to say, we’re all in on this latest baconventure of theirs.
If you like bacon (by the way, if you don’t, please leave), your goal of spending as much time as possible with the crispiest of pork delicacies is becoming a little more realistic. There has never been an easier way to spend quality time with bacon; either on your way to work, while you’re flying, out at a bar, or even at your sister’s gross “all-vegan” cookout that she bullied you into attending.

One of the things Hormel is often asked is when the bacon craze is going to stop. When posed this question, an executive said simply: “Why would it stop? Why would you stop loving bacon?”

Amen, Hormel. Amen. Now please send us some virtual reality bacon.

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