Baconeer Appy Hour Contest

Baconeer Appy Hour

Throwing a Bacon Appy Hour is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Select your bacon snacks and sips! See our appetizer recommendations and drink pairings (PDF)!
  2. Pick the date and invite your friends, using your favorite virtual platform! (Be sure to leave enough time for everyone to safely procure their bacon, other nibbles and beverages following their local guidelines.)
  3. Be the host with the most! Quiz your friends’ bacon knowledge (PDF) and toast being together celebrating one of America’s favorite foods: BACON!

The first 100 Baconeers to host a Bacon Appy Hour will win a “Bacon is for Blursday” t-shirt! To enter to win:

  • Post photos of your food and drink to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  • Tag @Baconeers on Facebook and Twitter or @TheBaconeers on Instagram
  • Add the hashtag #BaconforBlursday

The Food and Drink

No good happy hour is complete with food, so kick off your virtual Appy Hour with one of these delicious bacon recipes. You choose what you like best: from twists on favorite bacon dishes to new ideas, there’s something for everyone at this virtual party. We suggest you share your chosen recipe with your guests so they can enjoy the same bacon bites. (Or pick several. Or pick just plain bacon. You be you.)

Every party also needs a signature drink. We’ve asked leading mixologists, sommeliers (the certified Baconeers of wine) and brewmasters (the Baconeers of beer) to share what they think would taste best with these bacon appetizers. . Check out our drink recipes (PDF) for recommendations and hear from the experts why these pair perfectly with your bacon appetizer.

Test Your Bacon Knowledge

We know everyone LOVES bacon, but what do they really know about bacon? This short bacon quiz can be emailed to your appy hour guests or you can simply ask during the event.

PS: We know you won’t need it because you are already a bacon expert, but the answers are upside down at the bottom of the page.

If You Want Some Additional “Bacon Bits” at Your Party

  • Want to put some flowers on your table? Make bacon roses directions or watch this video.
  • Show more of your bacon love during your appy hour. Use one of these pork-fect backgrounds.
  • The internet has many other bacon craft and bacon gift ideas. The only limit is your imagination and your bacon supply

Bacon Appy Hour Contest Rules. This program brought to you by the National Pork Board.

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