Bacon Weave Ice Cream Sandwich

This recipe is very simple and very delicious. Literally all you need is maple bacon (it’s the best flavor for this recipe) and some ice cream sandwiches. Thanks to Nick from Dude Foods for the share.


  • 2 packs maple bacon
  • Ice cream sandwiches



  1. Start by weaving your bacon in a circular or square pattern. (Make it the same shape as your ice cream sandwiches; it’ll make life easier.) Use the picture below as an example if weaving bacon confuses you.


  1. Cook your awesome bacon weaves. For the best way to cook bacon, click here.
  2. Once the bacon is finished and cooled, remove the top and bottom from the ice cream sandwich.
  3. Add a bacon weave to each side of the ice cream. Do your best to mold the ice cream to fit so it doesn’t drip. (We’re just looking out for you.)
  4. Eat and enjoy, then start on a second helping.


This recipe was adapted from Nick at Dude Foods.

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