Guide for a Bacon-Themed Party

It’s International Bacon Day and we are here to celebrate BIG: We’ve laid out a guide to help you plan a great bacon-themed gathering.

The Food

Start the night with a bacon-loaded meal of Bacon Weave Tacos and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Pecans, and Maple Syrup.  Put that packaged candy down and make Beer Candied Bacon and a Bacon Weaved Ice Cream Sandwich for dessert that will blow your guests’ minds.  Keep Bacon Popcorn out to munch on. (Note: this is a good thing to do, just in general.)


The Costumes

Themed parties mean costumes. And not just for Halloween. Keep it simple with a one-piece jumpsuit or show off with a fitted high-low dress. If you have a dog, they better be dressed up too.  Things are about to get wild and crispy.


The Music

Shout out to Nick Jonas for our party anthem: Bacon ft. Ty Dolla $ign. On repeat.


The Decorations

Cover your mailbox, front door, and party room with Bacon Balloons.  Hanging a Meat Banner can’t hurt either.  Buy some Bacon Art or get crafty and make your own.  Put Bacon Duck Tape in random places to ensure people never forget the reason for the season: bacon.


Now go and celebrate your favorite food with your favorite people.

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