Bacon Cocktails…For Breakfast?

Hello my beautiful MVBs (Most Valuable Baconeers)! Everyone knows that bacon and eggs is the world’s most perfect breakfast… but how about the world’s most perfect drink? I stumbled upon this Eggs and Bacon cocktail served at FIG in Santa Monica, California and knew I had to share it with you. Now, I’m not recommending this be consumed as an actual breakfast, unless you want to show up to work a little… more energetic. Once 5 pm hits though, it’s time to get your Eggs and Bacon drink on. With only 4 ingredients, you’ll have maximum bacon impact for minimal prep time. What are your favorite #baconized drinks? Bacon Sunrise? Bacon on the Beach? Long Island Bacon Tea? The possibilities are endless. Email me at and we will feature one of your submissions next week!

Bacon out.


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