Bacon Caramel Apples

Ever had heaven on a stick? No? Well, don’t worry. We found an incredible recipe for bacon caramel apples that fits this title perfectly. Thanks to Amy from Oh, Bite It! for her genius.


  • 6 apples
  • 1 pound bacon
  • 1 bag of Kraft Caramels
  • Candy apple sticks
  • Wax paper



  • Melt the Kraft Caramels according to the directions on the bag.
  • Insert a stick into each apple and begin gently dipping them into your bowl of caramel. Make sure to let all the caramel drip off.


  • Place the caramel apples on some wax paper, stick up, and let them cool.



  • Boom, you’ve got  bacon caramel apples. Enjoy.

This recipe was adapted from Amy at Oh, Bite It!

  • Don't be greedy, share the bacon!

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