Bacon Camp: Yes, it’s a Real Place and Yes, You Can Go

Clear your schedule because you’re not going to want to miss this. May 31st marks the start of the 8th Annual Camp Bacon.This isn’t your arts and crafts, nature walk type of camp. This is much more important. It’s basically heaven but not at all – it’s much better. So, happily, we can all take part in its glory.

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Camp Bacon is a five-day celebration of all things bacon. A film festival, bacon ball, and street fair top the list of events to attend while there. The main event features a day of all-you-can eat bacon, bacon experts, bacon producers, and a few fun surprise guests (a.k.a., bacon heroes).

If you’re not convinced this is the best event you could ever attend, consider this: all proceeds will be donated to not one but two non-profit organizations. All-you-can-eat bacon and two good causes? Top that.

“Life without bacon is like love without a kiss.” Amen, brother.

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