Amazing Sights We Saw at the World Pork Expo

As some of you know, the Baconeers spent the last three days at the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. Even though it was a lot of fun, we have both good news and bad news to share.

First, the good news.

We learned a ton. There were around 20,000 people there, pork lovers and pork industry professionals alike, all eager to share their stories. There were exhibitor booths as far as we could see. There were new technology showcases, panel discussions, swine shows, and LOTS of food. What could be better? Check out some of the photos from the event:

The fairgrounds. Notice the lack of vegetarians.


Here’s the trade show floor. All sorts of technology from hundreds of vendors, from more efficient feeding technology to higher-power cooling fans.


Junior swine shows were on display at the show barns. Cute pigs, cuter kids.


Food. Lots of food.


Ambassador Darci Vetter, Chief Agricultural Negotiator, gave an important speech about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Bonus points: she grew up on a farm in Nerbaska.


There were celebrities as well, like The Bachelor:


Governor Branstad gave a speech about the importance of pork farming. He also mentioned how important it was for Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), a bill between the United States and 11 countries to promote open trade – including bacon – across countries.


Here’s the winning group of Junior Swine Show winners.


Tom and Erin showed up. Remember them? You helped get them elected as the USFRA Faces of Farming and Ranching for 2015.


The Iowa Pork Queen was also there handing out free food during The Big Grill.


Now, the bad news… there were no vegetarians there. Sounds like good news, right? Well, they were busy protesting against your right to have easily available, affordable bacon. Iowa is one of the biggest pork-producing states in the country so by hitting the bacon heartland, they’re attacking all of us. That’s not cool and we can’t let them get away with it. If bacon production goes down, that means more expensive bacon for everyone.

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