7 Unexpected Facts About Bacon

Every true bacon fan understands that life isn’t just about eating bacon. Just as important is learning about it… so that it facilitates you eating it. That’s the goal.So maybe life is about eating bacon.

Regardless, we’re here to help you learn as much about your favorite crispy delicacy as you can. Read on for a list of seven unexpected facts about bacon.

  1. We all know the proper ways to eat bacon today but did you know that during Roman times, bacon was referred to as “petaso” because of the way it was served? This delightful dish consisted of pig shoulders boiled in fig leaves as well as sauce and pepper. There is nothing not delicious about that sentence.

  1. Everyone knows the word “bacon” and the joy it brings. But did you know that “bacon” actually means the back of a pig? The word originated from the Germanic word “bak” and underwent several changes before it became “bacoun” in 12th century English. At the time, it was used to refer to all pork but would later become what we know and love today.

  1. Today, we can get bacon from almost any grocery store. It’s a blessing, really. This dates all the way back to 1770, when the first bacon factory began production. What a year.

  1. The phrase “bringing home the bacon” is a commonly used metaphor for making money nowadays. But in 12th century England, it had a much different meaning. This particular origination will resonate well with all bacon fans because it meant to literally bring home bacon. Which is way better. The bacon acted as a gift to men who promised that they would not argue with their wife for an entire year and one day. Free bacon? Sounds like a great time.

  1. The key ingredient in any fast-food burger is bacon, not lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, or anything else so don’t even argue with us, but 30 years ago, this wasn’t the case. Prior to 1992, very few fast food restaurants included bacon on their burgers. The game changed when Hardee’s decided to, which lead to all of their competitors doing the same. Thank you, Hardee’s. You’ll forever hold a place in our hearts.

  1. Your parents undoubtedly did an excellent job raising you but, sadly, they probably could have done more. They maybe should have allowed you to join the United Church of Bacon or attend Bacon Camp. Even though the church doesn’t have a physical location, it does have over 13,000 members and can perform weddings. And who doesn’t want to cook and eat bacon at a summer camp? Canoeing and swimming were always overrated (unless you’re holding bacon at the same time).

  1. Did you know bacon has been to space? A few brave men sent their bacon up to Earth’s stratosphere, or 100,000 feet above ground, in a handmade device. Once the precious cargo reached the optimum height, it dropped to earth in a parachute and was promptly consumed by the visionaries. Is bacon truly out of this world? You decide.

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