6 Cities with Fantastic Names

When bacon is life, you want to be surrounded by folks that agree and support your obsession. No Baconeer wants to live in a town that prefers turkey bacon over delicious, juicy, real pork bacon. To protect you from accidentally moving to a dystopian, bacon-free nightmare of a town, we collected some of the top towns to live in if you love bacon. You’ll notice a theme as you read on…


Bacon, Washington

Bacon, Washington is surrounded by beautiful lakes and ponds. These remind us of the beautiful pools of bacon grease in our frying pan. And, with barely 2,000 people in the surrounding 10 miles, you never have to worry about the grocery store running out of bacon.


Bacon, Texas

The folks that live in Bacon, Texas, worked so hard to keep their bacon to themselves that they hid it inside another town, Wichita Falls. Any town that serious about protecting their bacon is the place for a Baconeer.


Bacon, Ohio

Named for a nearby stream, Bacon Run, the town of Bacon, Ohio is celebrated by it’s much more populated neighbor, Coshocton, every year during the Appalachian Bacon Nation Festival. This annual festival spends a day to celebrate bacon in all forms. We do that every day anyway, but good for them.


Bacon, Missouri

Bacon, Missouri, claims to be named after an old local politician named “Bacon Jim,” but we know that they just really want to live in Bacon. We can’t blame them, though. Who wouldn’t come up with an excuse to live in the most deliciously-named town in the country?


Bacon, Indiana

Similar to Bacon, Ohio, the larger cities that surround Bacon, Indiana host the Indiana Bacon Festival every year. With the festival featuring “bacon, bands, and brew” every year, we’re booking our tickets to Bacon, Indiana now.


Bacon, Idaho

As if a town called Bacon wasn’t enough for Idaho, they also have a mountain named Bacon Peak. This makes sense though, as bacon really was the peak of all food discoveries.


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