This 5-Year-Old is Our New Bacon Superhero

A few weeks ago, a mother and her five-year-old son walked into a Waffle House. The boy, Josiah, noticed a dirty, disheveled looking man standing inside. This was Josiah’s first time seeing a homeless person.


At first, he was confused. “Where does he keep his groceries?” After a few awkward answers from his mother, Josiah decided that this man needed a meal. And Josiah was going to buy it for him.


But, Josiah is five and didn’t have any money. After walking over and handing the man a menu, telling him that he could order anything he wanted, his mom acted like all moms would: she gave Josiah some money.


The best part of the story? When the man asked if he could have “the works” with an extra side of bacon, Josiah’s mom responded, “get as much bacon as you want.”


Everyone should have as much bacon as they want. Thanks, Josiah.

See more on the story here.

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