5 Irresistible Valentine’s Day Gifts for Bacon Lovers

Still looking for that perfect valentines day idea—something outside the cliché box of chocolates? Not to worry. The answers are here. Skip the regular sundries and give them what they really want: Bacon.

Bacon Roses

Roses? It’s been done. Bacon roses? Now you have our attention.

Bacon Popcorn

Sure, you could go out to the movies on Valentine’s Day. But who wants to spend twelve dollars on theatre popcorn when you could stay in and impress your better half with Bacon Popcorn instead?

Bacon Fragrance

Move over, Ralph Lauren. We want bacon fragrance. The best part? You’ll get to smell bacon every time your special someone walks by.

Bacon Cosmetic Bag

In an ideal world, we could carry bacon with us wherever we travel. For now, this bacon-inspired cosmetic bag may be the next best thing.

Bacon Hearts

What’s better than a heart of gold? A heart of bacon. Enough said.

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