5 Famous People Named “Bacon”

We know bacon is no ordinary food. So, it goes without saying that anyone named Bacon is also extraordinary. We’ve compiled a list of five famous people who have the good fortune of sharing a name with our favorite greasy, crispy, delicacy:

Sir Francis Bacon

If the scientific method is ingrained in your head for eternity, then you can thank Sir Francis Bacon. A true Renaissance man, Sir Francis contributed to the fields of politics, science, English, and philosophy. This must mean sophisticated Renaissance folk feasted on bacon often and abundantly in honor of Sir Francis’ many accomplishments, so you should too. Right now. Seriously, go eat some bacon.

The Other Francis Bacon


This English artist influenced post-World War II art through his bold and grotesque depictions.  If only he was still around to paint/make us bacon.

Jenny Bacon


Admit it: you’ve seen at least one episode of Law & Order, which means you’ve probably been graced by Jenny Bacon and not even realized it.  We dig Jenny, we especially dig her last name, and we hope she loves bacon as much as we do. She’s also a Broadway star. That’s her, post-performance, on the right. Look at all those people. They totally wish their name was Bacon too.

Henry Bacon


As the genius behind the Lincoln Memorial and the idyllic Wesleyan University, Henry heavily influenced American memorial architecture. Although he is not around to confirm, we’re pretty sure he loved bacon as much (or more… probably more) as he loved Greek architecture.

Kevin Bacon


From Animal House and Footloose to all the comedy, dancing, and music-making in between, Kevin Bacon has heavily influenced pop culture in the past four decades. We bet he makes some great bacon too. He must. Also, he has a bacon cologne out now, which is unrelated but exciting.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments below.

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