4 Unusual Things You Can Do with Your Bacon

We all know that sitting down to a nice slice (or 12) of bacon is the ideal beginning, middle, and end of your day. However, perhaps your relationship is getting slightly stale, or perhaps you need a change in your life. Maybe you want to energize it by treating yourself and your bacon to something nice. So, in addition to taking your bacon on a ski trip, here are four Fun™ activities to consider pairing with bacon.

1) See some bacon, send some bacon

A standard practice on photo-messaging sites is to take a picture of something you are eating or drinking and send it to a friend (or sometimes a random stranger). By captioning it with a challenge, the recipient is socially bound to accept. So, the next time you are on a crazy adventure, whip out your phone and that strip of bacon you carry around in your pocket no matter what, and start an epic showdown.

2) Bacon can fly

A commonly held misconception is that you need two hands to zip line. In reality, you’re attached to the line by a safety strap and must use your hands to control the breaks. This provides a perfect opportunity to grab a snack. Also, why should you get to experience all the wonders of the world while bacon is stuck in the fridge? So, get a bag, stash your favorite bacon in your pocket, and show it around.

3) Bacon in the glove

Throughout time, inventors, engineers, and visionaries have worked to perfect the automobile. But not that long ago, people had to wear heavy gloves to crank their engines to get them to start. Hence the invention of the glove box. Nowadays, most people use it to store insurance info and other junk. But why not stuff it with bacon??

4) Give it some culture

It’s finally festival season! But not all festivals revolve around music. Summer is the time for bacon festivals, too. And while you may not be a ride or die for raves, per say, there are a wide-variety of different summer concerts at your disposal. And do you know which friend will always say yes to a wild adventure? Your friend bacon, obviously. Here’s our tip: carefully place your bacon in a plastic bag or paper towel and then put it in your pocket to preserve freshness. Now you and your bacon can jam out to new music (and you will never be alone again).

Here are some honorable mentions: eating bacon while scuba diving, sky diving, skateboarding, ice hockey, ice skating, rollerblading, surfing, bungee jumping, touring a vegetable farm, a play about vegetarians, art gallery openings, haircut appointments, job interviews, and many others. For a full list, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Everything and anything is better with bacon.

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