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What’s the Best Way to Cook Bacon?

The best part about our favorite food group is that there are so many ways you can cook bacon. The worst part is that everyone has very strong opinions on the best way to cook it— NO, FRANK, WE’RE NOT GOING TO MICROWAVE OUR BACON.

Thankfully, this isn’t an article on how to achieve bacon perfection… we all know that no matter how you cook it, it’s bacon at the end of the day. What we do want to talk about is the best way to cook bacon, no matter your method. So, scroll down and get ready to take some notes:

What Type of Baconeer Are You?


  1. “I’m just now realizing that there are ways to cook bacon that don’t involve a frying pan???”
  2. “I am literally a perfectionist and already know the best way to cook bacon but will click on this link anyway.”
  3. “I’m a complete mess and my life is in shambles but at least I’m not a vegan.”


Baconeer A: The Traditional Way

Don’t worry, we like cooking bacon in a frying pan, too. It brings back strong memories of waking up to the sound of mom cooking bacon and not having to worry about paying rent.

First thing’s first: put away your non-stick. That’s right. We’re cooking our bacon in a cast iron pan. If you don’t have one, go buy one. Bacon will wait for you. Okay, now place the bacon strips next to each other so  they’re not overlapping but also so they’re not so far apart. Too close together and the bacon won’t cook evenly or all the way. Too far apart and you won’t get enough bacon grease to soak the bacon in (burning your bacon – the only “bad” kind of bacon).

Then, turn on the burners. The order is important here: make sure you don’t place your bacon in a hot pan. Starting to cook the bacon with a dead cold pan allows the bacon fat to render properly, ensuring a more even cooking process.

Watch it get crispy and delicious. Then, eat the bacon.

Now, you see all that bacon grease you left? Cook your eggs in it. Then, invite us over. We’ll bring the mixtape.

Baconeer B: The Foodie Way

To some people, cooking bacon in an oven is the One True Way to cook bacon. We tend to agree but also don’t have the time to really care or argue with these people. For us, the oven method’s ratio is roughly 15 minutes to prepare and 1 minute to eat. This isn’t worth it for us but you might feel differently.

If you do like pretending that your bacon is coming from a 2-star Michelin restaurant and not, say, your studio apartment or parents’ basement, start by preheating the oven to 375˚.

Put your bacon strips on a slotted tray (you probably have this stored in your broiler). Don’t forget the catch tray underneath. If you forget it, you’re going to have a bad time. For extra easy cleanup, line the tray with foil so you can throw the foil away at the end. And for extra deliciousness, put extra bacon strips on there—because, sometimes, you deserve more bacon than you actually want.

Cook the bacon for 10-15 minutes and keep an eye on it; depending on your oven’s actual temperature settings, you have a 1-2 minute window where your bacon goes from amazing to sad.

Bask in your bacon’s perfection for a bit, then eat.

Baconeer C: The Convenient Way

And by convenient, I mean you’re microwaving your bacon. We kinda feel really bad for you but, hey, it’s still bacon, right? … Right?

If you microwave your bacon, make sure you place your bacon on a rimmed plate with a few stacks of paper towels. Cook it for around 4-5 minutes on high. Again, keep an eye on it.

As your bacon cooks, consider re-evaluating your life decisions.

After 5 minutes, check its doneness. When it’s “cooked,” eat your bacon on your kitchen counter, alone. Be happy when you realize that even though you’re not eating bacon properly, you’re still having more fun than the person next door eating tofu.

So, Baconeers, how do you cook your bacon?

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  1. March 25, 2016 @ 6:47 am David B. Hawkins

    LEMON BACON…. I was camping and while frying a pound of bacon on the griddle, I finished by adding grated lemon and the juice. W O W. Everyone else brought their bacon to me to cook for them. No time for eggs, but, LEMON BACON is all I needed.


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