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Watch Chris Pratt Fall in Love with a Bacon Sandwich

Chris Pratt just delivered another Oscar-worthy performance in one of the most enjoyable roles he’ll ever face… falling in love with a bacon sandwich (named Tony). During a BBC Radio 1 interview, Chris was asked to show off his acting skills by performing two scenes with his bacon co-star.

Just by looking at that crispy, delicious bacon under those soft pieces of bread, you can tell Chris was already in love. In the scene, Tony looks on eagerly as Chris confesses his all-consuming (LOL) love. Chris is then asked to pretend that Tony is dying. It’s terrible and beautiful all at once.

This video inspired us. We’re now in love with Tony, also.

For us, a good actor or actress is not defined by how many Oscars they’ve won or their ability to cry on command; we just want to see if they can seduce a bacon sandwich. Chris Pratt can. He super can. So now he’s our new favorite actor.

Although, if we’re being honest, we all know he’s not really acting. The love for bacon is real.

(And someone please give Tony an Oscar because he does the best bacon sandwich we’ve ever seen.)

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