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How would you feel if someone tried to raise the price of your bacon? And not even in a joking way. Because that’s exactly what’s about to happen in Massachusetts.

Pictured: What they’re trying to do.

This election day, November 8th, Question 3 on the Massachusetts Ballot Initiative will ask citizens whether they want to pass a law enacting unnecessary regulations on pork and egg production. Here’s what you need to know: passing this initiative will create a $250 million food tax that makes it harder for all Massachusetts citizens to afford bacon and its timeless compatriot, eggs.

Similarly unreasonable laws have already been passed in nearly a dozen states but Massachusetts will be the first that prohibits the sale of pork and eggs that aren’t raised exactly in tune with these new requirements. And guess who will benefit from this? The elitist 1%.

Pictured: You trying to cook bacon and eggs the day after the Ballot Initative passes.

This puts a lot of pressure and financial burden on pork and egg farmers throughout Massachusetts who have been raising their animals with care for generations. Sadly, this price increase will also mainly affect middle and lower class families – the people who rely the most on affordable food for themselves and their children.

In a state where the cost of living is already much higher than the rest of the country, passing this initiative will force many middle-class families to consider the increased cost of buying bacon and eggs.

"Healthy tomato and lettuce sandwich with multigrain bread in a blue plate, selective focus. Other picture..."Pictured: A future BLT sandwich.

Question 3’s ban on eggs will affect 90% of all eggs currently bought. This will cause the price of eggs to skyrocket, forcing consumers into tough financial decisions. Some may not be able to afford eggs at all.

The same goes for bacon. Animal rights groups are the ones pushing for this decision without understanding the harm it will have on animals. Current housing protects animals from the elements, from fighting with one another, and protects the younger animals from being harmed by mothers accidentally rolling over on them. All of these things vanish with the passing of Question 3. That means more expensive bacon and eggs for you.

mix salad in white plate on wood table Pictured: Your future dinner if the Ballot Initiative passes.

If you don’t live in Massachusetts, there are still plenty of ways you can help. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about this ill-advised Ballot Initiative, particularly if you or they know someone in Massachusetts. You can also easily share this article using the buttons below.

Do your part for bacon and eggs this election day. Vote NO on Question 3.


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