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Vote for Lauren Schwab to Protect Bacon

Election season is in full swing. We’re referring, of course, to the election for the next Face of Farming & Ranching. We’ve been talking lately about why our favorite pork farmer candidate, Lauren Schwab, is the right choice. Here’s a simple reason: she gives you bacon. Okay, now go vote for her. It only takes one minute:


… wait, why are you still reading this? The voting page is right here. Click on this link.

But… if you need more convincing, here’s a fact sheet with insight one her farm’s current sustainable practices, the value of treating each and every pig with care, and why she ended up in pork farming:

“I love holding those pigs and giving them the care they need, knowing I’m a part of something bigger.”

Lauren is indeed a part of something bigger. The agriculture industry is one of the largest drivers of our economy. We could not survive without it. At a young age, Lauren realized this and decided to get involved. And look at her now. With your help, she’s about to become the next Face of Farming & Ranching.

“We use 80% less energy to raise a pig than we did in the 1970s.”

Also from the 1970s: Disco. Lava lamps. ABBA. It’s time to leave the 70s behind. Lauren and her family have wasted no time adopting cutting-edge technology to bring us (and our bacon) into the 21st century.

“When [people] go to the grocery store, they know that animal was treated well, that the land was taken care of, and they can feel good about what they’re eating.”

Don’t you want a farmer who not only cares so deeply about her pigs but also wants to conserve energy and promote an environment-first mindset? We do. And the fact that she gives us bacon, well… you can’t ask for much more than that.

“I want to open up my farm gate to allow people to see how their food is produced.”

Lauren spends a lot of time doing this already— she has a blog, a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and a YouTube channel. Check them all out. Or, you can take our word that she is absolutely the right choice for the next Face of Farming & Ranching and vote now.

“I would like to be one of the Faces of Farming & Ranching to have the opportunity to connect people with the farmers who make their food.”

And we want our Baconeers to help give her that opportunity. As a face of Farming & Ranching, Lauren will have a high-visibility role to spread the bacon love. She’ll make public appearances, participate in national media interviews, and much more.

This election season, there’s only one real choice. She’s the right candidate for your bacon. And her name is Lauren Schwab.




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