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Vote for Bacon this Election Year


Here are the facts: a pork farmer, Lauren Schwab, has been nominated to promote bacon nationally. Click the button to vote for her (it takes less than a minute). If that isn’t enough reason, keep reading.


Election Day is a few weeks away but the real American election is already underway nationwide.

You see, the annual United States Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA) “Faces of Farming & Ranching” has a vote going on right now. This year, Lauren Schwab, a superstar pork farmer from Ohio, was named one of eight finalists. She’s the reason you’re eating bacon in the first place.


Of course, without pork farmers, there would be no bacon. That’s why you need to click on this link and vote for Lauren as the next “Face of Farming & Ranching” to protect your right to bacon.

So, what do you get out of it? If Lauren wins, she’ll help promote the bacon cause through all of 2017. That means more bacon for you. Here are Lauren’s policy platforms and fun facts:


  • Lauren’s farm raises 30,000 pigs each year. That’s a lot of bacon.



  • Automatic curtains go up and down according to temperature, keeping the pigs comfortable. Happy pigs = happy Baconeers.



  • Lauren shares blog posts and pictures of her farm, showcasing how much care and effort goes into raising pigs.



  • Her goal? To connect people with the farmers who produce their food. She’s the literal definition of “Face of Farming & Ranching.”


In an election season pegged with uncertainty, there’s one candidate who stands above the rest. For agriculture. For the future of farming. For America. For bacon.




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