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This Outdated Trade Barrier from Thailand Is Making Bacon Less Available

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Here’s something you probably didn’t know was incredibly important for your bacon: Thailand’s trade barriers. Why would you, when you’re happily consuming ever-so-delicious pork products here in America? Well, here’s why: Pork exports are absolutely vital for farmers to be able to provide you with your own crispy and delicious bacon products here at home.

It’s important to know Thailand has quite a few trade barriers that serve as a kind of ban on U.S. pork exports, despite the fact that they get a ton of benefits from a program called the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) that allows them to export Thai products under favorable terms to America. But wait … why would anyone want to ban high-quality, delicious U.S. pork products?

You see, Thailand has continued to increase import barriers on pork in recent years as a way to protect its own pork industry—such as it is. They’ve done this by putting high duties (meaning taxes) on our pork imports and even charging really high fees for permits to import our product.

Thailand also refuses to accept uncooked pork meat products from the U.S. but haven’t given a reason for that ban. Our guess is they like to be unhappy and to deprive themselves of pork goodness.

To help our bacon farmers—and, quite frankly, the Thai people—we all want to bring U.S. pork to Thailand. They need to eliminate these trade barriers and allow their citizens full access to U.S. pork imports. The revenue from this enhanced trade would give our farmers more resources to help produce healthy and nutritious bacon here at home.

Important note: We would be sending almost no American bacon overseas. Almost all of the bacon we produce, we consume here. But we do ship other parts of the pig that we don’t use, like livers and kidneys. This gives American pork farmers more time and resources to make more delicious, crispy bacon for you.

Thailand has one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the world. They have a burgeoning urban population as well, which is accelerating the economic benefits of their restaurant industry. Overall, elimination of Thailand’s arbitrary ban on U.S. pork products would create great opportunities for the agriculture industry—especially pork. If Thailand opens their market and allows more animal agriculture imports, both the U.S. and Thailand will benefit.

You’d still get to enjoy all of your favorite pork products. And Thailand would get to enjoy all of their favorite pork products (the ones we don’t use here). Seems like an obvious win-win.

If you want to help American pork farmers, and you care about the future of your bacon, click the button below to send a quick and easy pre-populated message to the Thai embassy. Together, we can help keep our bacon supply plentiful.


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