The Bacon Emoji is Here

Apple will release 72 new emojis with its next iOS update in late November. From foxes to face palms, Apple has significantly stepped up their emoji game. But, there’s one new emoji that stands above all else: the bacon emoji. Yes, there’s FINALLY a bacon emoji. Is someone you know sad? Send them a bacon emoji.  Someone else hungry? Send them a bacon emoji.  Someone accomplished something? Send them a bacon emoji and then go over to their house and eat all their bacon while they’re busy celebrating.

Here are our top 10 favorite new emojis:


Dancing Man Emoji

When to use: When you need to adequately express your feelings for bacon.


Wrestling emoji

When to use: When you know some drama is about to pop off because there’s only a limited amount of bacon left and somebody else wants it.


Man in Tuxedo emoji

When to use: When you are trying to be fancy but still made sure to line your pockets with bacon.


Drooling emoji

When to use: When all you can think about is crispy, greasy, delicious bacon.


Gorilla emoji

When to use: Always, because Harambe loved bacon, too.


Glass of Milk emoji

When to use: When you want to remind yourself of all those times you had family breakfast and you were forced to drink milk but it was okay because you got to eat bacon later.


Pancakes emoji

When to use: When just bacon won’t do. (Which is never. You never have to use this emoji.)


First Place Award emoji

When to use: When you just bought a pack of bacon at the store and you are congratulating yourself because you are literally amazing and a smart consumer.


Egg emoji

When to use: When your bacon emoji needs a friend.



When to use: If you don’t already know then please leave.

Please, Baconeers, take this bacon emoji seriously. With great power comes great responsibility and we’ve all just been handed a great deal of meaty, delicious, crispy power. Bacon on, friends.


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  1. December 11, 2016 @ 8:18 am phill romero

    As a bacon lover taught that it would be interesting to see different recipes and ideas


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