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Spending The Day With Sizzl

We do a lot here at Baconeers HQ. Part of our job is to find delicious recipes, plan exciting bacon giveaways for Baconeers like you, and scour for the latest crispy breaking bacon news. But, every once in a while, something completely unexpected and amazing happens that makes us drop everything…

Baconeers, have you heard of Sizzl, the dating app for bacon lovers?

In case you haven’t, we spent the day with Sizzl for you all. Here’s what happened:

The first thing they ask you to do is connect via Facebook. Okay, fine. We have a Facebook. Here you go. Let’s get started.

This is our profile. You’d swipe right, wouldn’t you?

Long distance relationships never work… please use our location.

Where’s the “Bacon Lover” option?

Do your thing. No judgment.

Turkey bacon? Is this a joke app?

All of the above but let’s go with Thick Cut, because, yes, more is definitely better.

Crispy, please and thank you.

Take it, obviously. Next question.

Cool. With that out of the way, it’s time to find our bacon lover.

With pleasure.

We’ve already been Sizzl’n, but okay.

Hey, Morgan. ? Wanna Sizzl?

Do we really need notifications to feel the sizzl? Fine. But then…

WHAT?!?! Not possible.

That’s fair.

So all in all, it’s a cool idea. But, it reminded us that we don’t need an app to help us find bacon lovers… we have our Baconeers. That’s all the bacon love we need.


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