Say I Love You with Bacon… Literally

Try not to freak out. Oscar Meyer has just created a bacon messaging generator. That’s right: you can now message people with bacon. We’ve been waiting for this day for, well, forever.

The company’s web page is called “Start a Baconversation” and allows visitors to enter text that becomes an actual bacon font via a brief animation. You simply type in your message and, boom– words in bacon form. Best of all, your bacon messages can be instantly downloaded and shared with friends (but, only if they’re worth it because, let’s face it… it’s bacon).

However, the generator does have a few limitations. It only allows messages up to 16 characters long and all numbers and punctuation have been excluded from the font (so far). But like, seriously, who wants a limit placed on their bacon?

Nonetheless, automatically “cooking up” user-generated messages and assembling them into bacon strips is still pretty cool. We just hope this isn’t the end of bacon messaging technology because we all know the future will be written in bacon.

Unfortunately, most word processors don’t have a “bacon” font yet. We already have the bacon emoji, so it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully. It has to be. 🥓


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