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Ranking the Different Bacon Emoji

When a new idea for an emoji is released, lots of major companies choose to put their own spin on what their character will look like. As a result, each emoji ends up looking slightly different.

This sort of variety among emojis (emojitey?) breeds competition. After all, everyone knows that no two emojis are created equal. One of the newest additions to the emoji family in early 2016 was (drumroll) BACON!

In the name of settling the competition, here is our expert ranking of the different bacon emoji:


This emoji is an easy choice to place last on the the list because it’s the only one that contains just one strip of bacon. And who wants one strip of bacon when you can have two? Or three? Or eighty? No one, that’s who.


Next is an emoji that looks more like two brown candy wrappers than bacon. We’re passing on this one.


Aside from the unnecessarily thick black outline surrounding it (which is already distracting enough), this emoji looks like a pair of body slides at your local waterpark.


This emoji has a very traditional bacon look to it but is considerably smaller and less visually vibrant than the rest. It’s good, just not Baconeers good.



The fact that the bacon strips are crisscrossed is confusing. It covers up potential surface space that could be used to maximize our bacon-viewing pleasure.


This emoji find its spot on the list because of its lack of ripple. The coloration is fairly on point but it has a rubbery, tough look to it that resembles your dog’s favorite treat.


Although the ripples of this emoji are slightly excessive, it finds its way into our top 3 because of the way it pops off the screen.



The last two were a toss up but this emoji comes in a close second due to how rigid it looks. However, this bacon does have slightly better coloration than the emoji coming in at #1. Which is…


We know what you’re thinking… Apple wins again. But in the end, this emoji makes the best all-around case for itself when analyzing its color, eye appeal, size, and ripples. So, we forgive you if you start chewing on your screen.
Well, it’s settled once and for all. Your days of wondering which bacon emoji is king are now over. Happy bacon-emojing (baconjing?).


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