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The Perfect Strip of Bacon

Have you ever tasted the perfect slice of bacon? We’re talking about that slightly-crispy-on-the-edges-but-the-fat-just-melts-in-your-mouth strip of bacon. We’ve all had that at some point but the better question is: What does a flawless strip of bacon really look like? How does it make you feel? Well, we’re here to answer those questions for you.

When you see the perfect slice of bacon, you will instantly be able to tell that it is, indeed, perfect. There will be no question about it. Not many know how to cook it. Oh, and when you finally take a bite, you will know by the way your taste buds flare up. The right amount of chewy and crispy, the unmatched flavor, and the feeling as you chew will have you wishing there was an unlimited amount.

Even though there may be some variance of preferences in how each of us consume this exquisite treat, most of us can agree that thick bacon just does it better. In addition, bacon that comes crispy around the outside and slightly chewy in the middle gives you the best of both worlds. Not many foods can provide you with this balanced satisfaction.

One of the best things about bacon is that it is a delicacy that is able to conform to the needs of many. You can have chewy AND crispy at the same time. How wild is that? No need to pick and choose; the perfect piece of bacon can give you exactly what you need in one bite.

As for the finishing touch to this aesthetically pleasing masterpiece, there’s nothing more beautiful than that glistening bacon grease. Who said bacon isn’t a work of art? Van Gogh would be proud. It might take some skill to perfect but it’s more than possible– and also extremely worth it. When you see the finished product, you will know that your time crafting this perfect piece of bacon was well spent. Enjoy it. Savor it. Because this perfect piece is something to cherish. And be sure to tell us what your ideal slice looks like in the comments below.


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'The Perfect Strip of Bacon' has 3 comments

  1. September 28, 2017 @ 7:21 pm David B. Hawkins

    Thick bacon Baked on a wire rack. Lemon zest and juice on the top for the first half of the cook. Flip and pour maple syrup on top for the second side. Move rack to cooler then melt milk chocolate and after cutting into one-inch pieces, skewer with toothpick and dip halfway into chocolate and return to cooler. (Bacon Candy)


  2. September 28, 2017 @ 7:52 pm WC Howard

    I am not one who regularly comments on these things, but in a several years-long quest in search of the perfect strip of bacon, I have a couple of disagreements with the author of the above article on the perfect piece of bacon.
    I have tried several different methods of cooking bacon, in several cooking devices, low & high heat, covered in foil, covered skillets verses open ones.
    I should also mention that I am from a large family, which in part led me to find the technique of repeatedly cooking perfect bacon (and I will warn vegans not to read any further!).
    It began when our family got large enough that we required an entire pack (one pound) of bacon so that everyone got 2-3 slices each.
    Now mind you, in all of my attempts I have used various sorts of bacon, but for me, the best results are obtained NOT using thick cut bacon, but rather the regular cut (I think of thin cut as a chef’s snack while cooking!).
    In trying different methods, the best bacon is not only regular sliced, but also cooked in a non-stick open skillet, but if you have a perfectly seasoned iron skillet even better!
    What I noticed was, the first pieces taken out of the skillet were not quite as good as the last ones.
    It was at a restaurant in Pass-a-grille that learned the perfect final touch to a slice of bacon that is soft, not flabby, just a little crunchy, but juicy enough to compare it to fruit! This restaurant was mass producing these fine works of art and I HAD to know how! The secret is the grease! These guys had a deep fryer filled with bacon grease, and they could deep fry it all day!
    From that, I learned to keep my bacon fat (I have it in a container in the fridge, much to my wife’s dismay!), but I never start with a dry pan, and cook it medium heat deep in the grease, constantly turning it, then removing it just before it gets burned (if it’s crunchy it’s good for salads, but not for featuring bacon!). I place them on a plate with two sheets of paper towel.
    Then after the pan cools, collect the grease for next time!
    The product now is almost perfect every time, and if my kids eat anything before church on Sunday, they always eat the bacon!


    • September 29, 2017 @ 11:48 am PATRICIA MILLER

      Thanks for your comments. Even though I’m not eating bacon today, you fulfilled that desire until tomorrow, I can taste the bacon in every word!


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