Here’s What You Should Drink with Your Bacon

Bacon and alcohol are the only two food groups that really matter. So, isn’t it time someone paired the best bacon foods with their boozy counterpart? The Baconeers took it into our own hands to give the people what they want. With this list, you will never have to worry about which drink to pair with your favorite bacon food. Read on, for tonight we feast like kings.

Breakfast Bacon with Champagne

Read: brunch. Pile your plate high with crispy traditional bacon and add a splash of orange juice to your champagne flute so you can call it a mimosa. The bubbles in the champagne are perfect for cutting through the delicious fattiness of the bacon.

Pork Belly with IPA

An IPA goes beautifully with the gloriousness of pork belly. Eaten alone, the pork belly may be too rich, but an IPA has enough hops to allow you to finish your whole plate (and glass).


Bacon and Egg Quiche with Sauvignon Blanc

At first, this might sound crazy since the flavors are totally opposite, but hear us out. The fruity flavors of a Sauvignon Blanc reduce the heaviness of the quiche. Plus, quiche sometimes has vegetables which is great for your summer body.


Bacon Cheeseburger with Pilsner

The only thing better than eating bacon is eating bacon in a cheeseburger with beer to wash it down. The saltiness of a bacon cheeseburger goes perfectly with the crisp hops of a Pilsner. It’s just dry enough that it will complement everything about that savory burger.


Canadian Bacon with Brown Ale

This thick cut bacon needs a hearty beer to match. The chocolate-y flavors of brown ale are best the best fit to contend with the strong flavors of Canadian bacon. A full-bodied beer is the best way to enjoy this thick, juicy cut.


Creamy Bacon Pasta with Pinot Noir

Is your mouth watering yet? A full-bodied Pinot Noir has the acidity to cut through all that creamy, bacon-y, carb-y goodness.  It will also make you seem somewhat sophisticated. So enjoy your bacon noodz with a large glass of red.


Chocolate Covered Bacon with Bourbon

Any bacon dessert can be enhanced with a glass of bourbon on the side, but nothing beats the simplicity of chocolate covered bacon. The sweet and salty balance is just right for the earthy, smoky flavors of the bourbon. It just works. If you don’t believe us, try it and then we’ll talk.


Turkey Bacon with Non-alcoholic Beer

Leave. Just leave.

Baconeers, are there any other bacon and booze pairings we didn’t cover? Let us know!

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