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A Dog’s Journey to Find the Woman Who Fed Him Bacon

How do you make a feel-good story about a shelter dog being adopted into a loving home any better? Add bacon, of course.

Ted, a German Shepard-Akita mix, recently ended up in an SPCA shelter and showed signs of tepidness and fear around humans. A woman at the shelter decided that a serving of cheese-flavored bacon strips might make him warm up to his new living arrangements.

“Hero” is a strong word but… look at that face.

(IMAGE: Abbey Boyd via CBC)

As it turns out, SPCA employee Abbey Boyd got a lot more than she bargained for when she offered Ted her tasty bacon treats. When she returned home the next day after work, Ted was sitting in front of her home waiting for her.

He walked there all by himself.

This is the power of bacon. He found Abbey’s home (which was a three and a half mile trip, by the way) based on the scent from the bacon she offered to him. That’s not speculation. It’s a cold, crispy fact.

(IMAGE: Abbey Boyd via CBC)

Ted showed great determination, walking past an airport, paved roads, and lakes just to get some more bacon. Dogs may be loyal to their owners but Ted proved they are also loyal to the appetizing aroma of some happiness bacon strips.

Now that Ted has been adopted by Abbey, it’s safe to say he will enjoy many more delicious bacon treats in the future. A special thanks to bacon for making this and literally every other feel-good story possible.

(IMAGE: Abbey Boyd via CBC)


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