BNN: Lollipops, 5ks, & Black Eyes

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  1. If, for some reason, you don’t want to eat an entire pack of bacon at once, we have some tips for you. By wrapping individual strips of bacon in wax paper and freezing them, the bacon strips won’t freeze to each other, and they’ll still stay fresh for when the bacon cravings strike again (which has likely already happened).

(Alina Bradford / CNET)


  1. Bacon is the food for lovers but also, apparently, for fighters. A North Carolina man claims that his girlfriend slapped him with a pack of uncooked bacon during a feud. We just hope they cooked the bacon afterwards.


  1. Buy your flight to NYC now because a small shop in the Lower East Side is making bacon lollipops. Crispy bacon crumbles are literally molded into the lollipop syrup, so it is definitely super Baconeer-approved.

(Chelsea Lupkin / Delish)


  1. If we’re going to run, it’s going to be for bacon. Folks in Mankato, MN agreed and started the Pork Power 5K. Runners were handed crispy and chewy slices of bacon during the race, for the ultimate fuel and motivation.

(Tyler Seggerman / KEYC)


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