Bacon That’s Fit for a Millionaire

We’ve always known bacon is the food of millionaires (and, well, everybody else too), but now there’s the so-called “Millionaire’s Bacon” popping up all over our Instagram and Twitter. Served for anywhere from $2-$7 a strip, this bacon is selling out in San Francisco and is getting deliciously crispy reviews.

So what exactly is Millionaire’s Bacon? It’s described as being the perfect mix of chewy and crispy, seasoned yet natural. But… doesn’t that describe all bacon?

It turns out the big differences in Millionaire’s Bacon and the bacon you had for breakfast, second breakfast, pre-lunch, lunch, and your first three snacks, are the seasoning and cut of the meat.

(IMAGE: Stephanie C. / Yelp)

As we’ve said before, there are certain types of pork cuts that will give you a juicier bite of bacon. That’s the tip Millionaire’s Bacon follows – they take cuts of pork from the center of the pork belly to make these thicker and longer-than-average slices of bacon. Eight times thicker, to be exact. 😍

After it’s sliced, it’s covered in brown sugar and cayenne pepper and baked in low heat for hours. It’s definitely not the most efficient way to make bacon, unfortunately – but if you’re someone who wants to be on the cutting edge of the best pork cuts and bakes, this may be the secret.

(IMAGE: Melia Robinson / Business Insider)

For the rest of us, adding so many flavors to the already delicious crispiest of delicacies seems like a lot of steps for someone that eats bacon for every meal. That’s probably what separates the Baconeers from the millionaires: we’ll take our bacon any day, any way, and thank you very much.


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