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Bacon Nation: Jo Dempsey

jo-dempsey-bacon-nationA few weeks ago, we had the good fortune of chatting with one of our loyal Baconeers, Jo Dempsey. She was the winner of the “Bacon Madness” tournament, and she continues to help us spread the bacon love. Having people like her in our community is what makes being a Baconeer so much #fun.
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Check out our Q&A with Jo:
What’s your favorite thing about bacon?
Besides the utter deliciousness of bacon, I love that it can be added to anything at all and just makes it better! Sweet or savory, bacon makes everything better!
What inspired you to become a Baconeer?
I was inspired to become a Baconeer because you truly celebrate bacon in all its glory. Not to mention the great recipes on the site and the great prizes you give away!
How would you describe the Baconeers to a friend?
I would describe the Baconeers to friends as the epicenter of all things bacon!

What’s your favorite bacon entree?
My favorite bacon entree…. hmm… that is a tough one. Maybe a bacon wrapped rare filet mignon. Or bacon wrapped cheesy chicken jalapeño poppers. (The jalapeños in my garden are almost ready!) But lately I would have to say a yummy, gooey grilled cheese made with smoked gouda, thick peppered bacon, and sliced tomato.
What hobbies, other than bacon, do you enjoy?
I enjoy cooking and gardening. I planted a salsa garden this summer and am getting ready to make a lot of salsa. I make truffles and am still working on perfecting a maple cream truffle studded with candied bacon pieces.
What else would you like to see from the Baconeers?
I would love to see more how to’s on the Baconeers. I’m really getting interested in charcuterie and would love to start curing different flavors of bacon this fall. So maybe some how to’s or recipes on curing your own bacon and incorporating different flavors into the cure would be awesome!


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