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A Pig Named Bacon

Here’s something you didn’t expect to read: the story of a friendly pig named Bacon, his passion for escaping his own backyard, and the details of his run-ins with the Dallas Police Department. If it sounds too ironic to be true, don’t worry; the irony ends at the name. Next time you’re in suburban Dallas, Texas, keep an eye out for a potbellied pig roaming the streets.


The pig, dubbed Bacon by his first owner, Keith Brooks, has escaped from his backyard at least ten times. Often returned by neighbors, Bacon has even had a few run-ins with the law. Brooks has already received a citation from a local animal control officer thanks to Bacon’s wayfaring tendencies.

Sargent Michael Mata of the Dallas Police Department has found Bacon three times so far. In one selfie-style video, he jokes, “I got backup now. Pig, your days are numbered.” In another, he says “Well, look who’s out again. It’s a pig standoff. How am I gonna get handcuffs on this little joker,” he asks. “Come on, Bacon. Wanna get in the car?”


Brooks readily admits that Bacon needs a new home with a better fence. The pot-bellied pig is smart enough to push landscape rocks out of the way and break free. “I’d heard that pigs make great pets. I’d always kind of wanted one,” said Brooks, who maybe underestimated the challenges of keeping such a free-spirited pig.


Clearly there is a lesson to be learned here from Bacon’s escapades. Follow your heart (or nose) wherever it takes you. Whether that’s the kitchen to fry up some actual bacon or the next door neighbor’s yard for a change of scenery (praise Bacon), there is something to be said about (metaphorically) digging out from under the fence and escaping the ordinary. As always, don’t forget to switch it up a little bit. But, above all, remember to keep bacon a constant in your life.


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