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5 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Bacon

Easter is, hands down, one of America’s greatest food holidays. With the plethora of jellybeans, chocolate, Peeps, and assorted egg-shaped candies, there is no shortage of good stuff to snack on. But we noticed something was missing. Something that’s golden brown. Something that’s delicious both crispy or chewy. Something so savory it’s enjoyed all over the world. That something was bacon.

Here are six easy ways to celebrate this Easter with our favorite pork product:

1) Bacon n’ Eggs

So, this should be obvious. Easter is all about the eggs and you get major props if you dye them first. Word to the wise: make sure any egg dye you use is edible.

2) Bacon Candy

Check out our recipes section for delicious bacon-y treats like Bacon Crack, Beer Candied Bacon, and Bacon Caramel Apples. Eat your weight in bacon instead of jellybeans this year.

3) Fill Your Eggs with Bacon

Throw yourself an Easter-egg hunt the right way by filling the eggs you hide (we recommend using large, literally huge, plastic eggs to maximize space) with bacon crumbles or bits.

4) Bacon-Themed Easter Basket

If you need to make an Easter basket for yourself or someone you know, put a twist on the traditional pastels, bunnies, and Peeps by packing it with bacon-themed swag. We recommend multiple packages of actual bacon because you can’t go wrong with that. Unless you want to make the actual basket out of bacon, which is a super inspiring thing to do.

5) Make a Bacon Easter Egg

This is for the adventurous. According to The Internet™️, it is indeed possible to make a literal bacon Easter egg. Simply weave bacon over a round baking dish to create the egg shape (be sure to make two halves), bake it in the oven, and fill it with whatever you want. (More detailed instructions here.) Or, if you’re lazy, literally wrap the Easter egg in bacon and call it a day.

6) Dress Up Your Pig

Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. If you don’t have a pet pig (yet), then this may be difficult for you. The ultimate way to go all-out with your Easter celebration is to pose a pig with Easter gear (bunny ears, easter eggs, and… tulips, perhaps?) and have a photoshoot. Then, make sure you share those pictures with us.

Whatever way you decide to celebrate Easter this year, the Baconeers hope you bring a little bit of bacon-y deliciousness to your day.


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